Why is the sphere a common theme in your paintings?


The majority of our population does not understand abstract works of art, nor do they desire to take the time and effort to find the meaning in a random patterning of shapes, color, and texture thrown together in composition. I have always been intrigued by the human mind that attempts to find recognizable imagery in an unrecognizable arrangement.


Even though Abstraction is my favorite form of the arts, my mind tends to work in much the same way as anyone else’s. I often find myself starring at my progressing compositions and discovering that I recognize certain shapes and arrangements of color, therefore leading my artistic decisions in finishing the work.


I can’t decide if these “themes” that lead my hand are attempts to disguise the obvious from my viewers (an attempt to have them see what I see), or a way to allow the viewer to see something recognizable so they are not timid to delve into an abstract work of art. Either way, I often incorporate an object that is both recognizable to the viewer but will still be read and fluent with the abstract composition.


The sphere is an object that everyone can recognize, associate with, and can be symbolic of many different things within our culture. By choosing to use the sphere rather than something that is clearly defined, the viewer creates their own meaning as they choose what the sphere is to them and how it relates to the surrounding elements.